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In the past, you could rely on YouTube-dl, 4K Video Downloader, or the add-on easy youtube downloader express to free download audio from YouTube on a Mac. They won’t, however, continue to work for you effortlessly. YouTube throttles your bandwidth, so programmes like YouTube-dl, 4K video downloader, and Easy YouTube Downloader Express become incredibly slow while downloading videos and ripping music off the site. And the issue hasn’t been resolved. To download audio from YouTube without experiencing bandwidth throttling, use MacX Video Converter Pro – Free YouTube Audio Downloader if you’d like a quicker download speed.

Part 1: Direct Youtube Audio Download With Best Sound Quality

Part 1: Direct Youtube Audio Download With Best Sound Quality


Without requiring you to download any additional programmes, this method is quick and simple. There are no hidden traps, advertising, or redirects in the best YouTube audio extractor. There are no restrictions on how numerous videos you can download. Additionally supported is batch download. Follow the instructions below to immediately download high-quality music from YouTube in MP3, WAV, FLAC, M4A, and YouTube 8D formats. You don’t need to convert.

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First, Copy The Youtube URL

On your Mac, download and launch MacX (supported by macOS Ventura). To access the downloading interface, click the downloading button. Visit the YouTube filmed you want to save a copy of.

Step 2: Pick An Audio Format For Youtube

After the analysis is finished, a window with all the accessible video and audio formats and file sizes will appear. Click the Done key to save the settings after choosing the desired sound format, such as YouTube MP3 320kbps/256kbps/192kbps/160kbps, YouTube WAV, YouTube M4A, YouTube FLAC, etc. Await the downloading to finish.

3. Download Youtube Audio

To save the YouTube audio file to your preferred Mac location, click the Download Now button.

Due to YouTube video settings, video duration restrictions, or region restrictions, it can be difficult to directly extract audio from some YouTube videos. In this situation, you might think about using a Mac to record YouTube audio. One of the aforementioned YouTube audio ripper programmes, YouTube Audio Downloader, MacX Video Converter Pro, is up to the task of enabling free YouTube audio and video capture on Mac with HD high quality. Additionally, you can alter the audio format of the capture file to MP3, AAC, AC3, FLAC, iPhone ringtone, etc.

How To Use Recording To Download Audio From Youtube On A Mac

How To Use Recording To Download Audio From Youtube On A Mac

1.First, select “Screen Recorder” from the menu.

Press the “Screen Recorder” button on the main interface after launching this YouTube audio recorder that may be downloaded for free.

2. Modify the capture settings.

By selecting “Keep Full Screen” or “Crop Region” in this section, you can alter the screen recording region. Additionally, before you use macOS to grab YouTube video.

Tips: It’s advised that you leave the audio settings alone when capturing audio to avoid damaging your hearing from an unexpectedly louder output. On a Mac, you may record streaming videos from any website, not just YouTube.

Part 2: Using VLC Player To Download Youtube Audio On A Mac

The free media player VLC can be a reliable Mac YouTube audio downloader. VLC Media Player can only download legally licenced audio from YouTube on Mac; it is unable to play legally protected music. The process is relatively difficult when using VLC YouTube audio downloader on Mac, which is one of the main drawbacks. If that’s okay with you, keep reading. Be aware that if you don’t finish the instructions, VLC Player will simply have a black window with the VLC icon. Some downloaded files include just a few bytes, indicating that the technique failed.

First, Open The Network

On a MacBook or an iMac, open VLC player and select “Open Network” from the File menu in the top menu.

Paste the link in step two.

YouTube video information will be analysed by VLC once you copy and paste the YouTube URL into the analysis box (shown above) and click the “Open” button.

A VPN service must be configured on your Mac in order to analyse YouTube videos for particular regions and countries. If your nation or region doesn’t offer native support for the YouTube service, consider turning on your VPN.

3. Select Media Information.

When the analysis is finished, VLC will automatically start playing the video. Locate “Windows” in the top menu bar with your mouse, then click the drop-down menu next to “Media information…”

4. Copy The Complete URL

Choose the complete URL under “Location” and copy it. Despite the fact that some YouTube versions prevent you from seeing the whole URL, nothing is affected. Simply copy the entire ytb URL.

5. Save The Video

Open the copied YouTube URL in your Safari browser, then right-click the video and choice “Save Video As” before selecting a folder to save it to.

Step 6: Audio Conversion For Youtube

The VLC YouTube video transcoding feature is now available. Reopen VLC, press “Convert/Stream” under “Media” in the top bar, and then drag and drop the YouTube video there or use the “Open Media” button to import it.

Step 7: Choose The MP3 Audio Output Format.

Under the “Choose Profile” zone, select an audio format, such as MP3, and then give the generated MP3 file a name. VLC starts to extract audio from a YouTube video on an iMac, MacBook Pro, or Air.

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