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A Dragun Beauty Brand Review—And Our Favorite Products

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Dragun Beauty – Every day, there is a new brand of beauty guru cosmetics. The market can be full of options to showcase your creativity on your face, and those who make a living from knowledge of makeup are best known for this. Nikita Dragun and her cosmetic line Dragun Beauty broke into the market with two products in a dragon egg, and the beauty industry exploded. Dragoon, who has millions of followers on Instagram and YouTube, is one of the few transgender directors, and from the very beginning, she set out to change that. With a background in makeup and business (Dragun is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising), this brand has been a success since its launch and will not slow down. In addition, Dragun Beauty products are finally available online and in Morphe stores, so if you want to try the line, now is your chance.

Details of Dragun Beauty

FOUNDATION: Nikita Dragun, Los Angeles, California

LOCATION: Los Angeles, California


BEST KNOWN FOR: According to Dragoon, for being “the world’s first brand of transgender-owned cosmetics for transgenders and all people.”

MOST POPULAR PRODUCT: DragunFire color correctors

CURIOSITY: The brand’s initial launch consisted of two products wrapped in a purple dragon egg as a tribute to the company’s name.

OTHER BRANDS: ONE/SIZE by Patrick Starr, Trixie Cosmetics

More About Dragun Beauty

Dragun founded Dragun Beauty because she felt that the makeup industry hadn’t progressed enough to be included in the transgender beauty space. “As a trans woman, I had certain needs that I felt weren’t represented in the makeup industry, and I decided to create these products—color corrector and highlighter powder—to look more feminine.” It turned out to be an essential point because it was not only about products for transgender people: “These are products that help not only me but many other people in their lives. Beyond transgenderness, for transgender people, and all people. Dragoon herself calls her cosmetic line a “transformation brand” with the goal and hope of reaching out to those who feel underrepresented in the beauty industry. As a multifaceted person, it’s always important to show all sides of yourself and celebrate all those sides. ” It’s about being the architect of your beauty and being damn sure of yourself,” she explains. She wants Dragun Beauty to be for “different girls and boys and those who are undecided.”

Dragun Beauty Products

Read about our favorite Dragun Beauty products Beauty, including favorites from Dragoon herself.

  1. DragunFire color corrector.

One of Dragun Beauty’s signature products, this color corrector is a fan favorite. Considered the first step in your self-care routine, these color correctors, available in lavender, green, and orange, can correct and hide everything holding you back from achieving true greatness. For example, use orange concealer on gray or blue under-eye areas, acne scars, lavender concealer to contrast with yellow tones, and green is perfect for redness. It is Dragoon’s favorite color and one of the brand’s most popular colors.

  1. Fantasy Palette Vol. I

The dragon egg motif continues in the two-volume Dragun Beauty palette: the first one featured here is a gorgeous mix of mattes and shimmers in a purple palette. Burnt red and light brown are great for foundation, then create the purple eyes of your absolute dream with matte purple and lavender highlights.

  1. face transformation powder

These gorgeous powder highlighters are not just heart-shaped. They work right on the heart with their effectiveness. Available in Pink Opal and Yellow Topaz, TRANSformation Powder is the perfect finishing touch to any look. It will set your makeup up and keep you glowing all night long.

  1. Fantasy Palette Vol. II

The brand’s second palette line uses a range of blue shades with the same concept as its purple sister. This time, matte navy blue paired with shimmery turquoise and gray will give your eyes the sparkle they’ve always needed. They are pretty pigmented, so a little can go a long way.

  1. DragunWing Liquid Eyeliner

For the snob who loves eyeliner, finding the perfect felt tip is a journey that will take a lifetime. Dragun Beauty Eyeliner comes very close, with precise information that can give you a razor-sharp cat’s eye or fine detail when you pinch your eye. And once it hardens, it stays there forever – perfect for those who don’t have time to worry about getting their eyeliner perfect.

  1. Dragun Glass

One of Dragoon’s favorite products, these matte liquid lips don’t smudge and are super comfortable. Packed with hydrating ingredients like jojoba oil, these liquid lips will make you rethink the stigma of previous liquid lips. They sit beautifully, giving the feeling of a lip balm, but with a million times more impact.


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