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All to Know About Rowan University

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Rowan University students, a fully integrated health and wellness center is available in Winans Hall on the main campus in Glassboro. Student Health Services (SHS), Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS), Alcohol and Other Drugs Services (AOD), Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Healthy Campus Initiatives (HCI), and the recently added Shreiber Family Pet Therapy Program are just a few of the clinical services integrated within the Wellness Center that offer students comprehensive health and wellness care, information, and programming.

About Roman University Wellness Center

the rowan university wellness center is located on Lenape land in Glassboro, new jersey. The building is made of brick; looking at it from the front. You will see concrete steps and a ramp leading to the doorway. There are windows to the right of the entrance, a bench outside, and the left of the door. There is a sunken courtyard to the left of the bar with a planted tree and rock that pays homage to transgender individuals who have been killed because of their gender identity.

The wellness center is actively working to create systems that are anti-racist and affirming to all identities. We are dedicated to increasing access to health services and creating trauma-informed spaces. Our liberation is bound with yours, and we are committed to working together to create a world where everyone’s needs are met.

The administration of Rowan University supports the university’s mission, making essential contributions to the policies, procedures, and services central to the education and well-being of our 14,000 students.


Since its establishment in 1923, Rowan Institution has developed from a teacher training school into a thriving regional university listed by U.S. News & World Report as one of the top public universities in the North. Over 90 bachelor’s degree programs, over 50 master’s degree programs, nine doctorate programs, and two professional programs are available to Rowan’s more than 19,000 students. The university is also one of just 56 colleges and universities in the nation with approved business, education, engineering, and medical programs.

A Contribution to Growth

Our dedication to the university’s and its students’ success is reflected in our efforts to establish and cultivate partnerships with generous individuals, foundations, and corporations. This investment in excellent public higher education affirms the Foundation’s commitment to serving the university’s students and the region by providing excellent educational resources.

Mission Proclamation

Rowan University will set a new standard for higher education by being inclusive, adaptable, and responsive. It will do this by providing various scholarly and creative educational opportunities, pathways, environments, and services to meet the needs of all students. It will also keep its adaptability by strategically distributing organizational capacity throughout the institution.

On June 14, 2017, the Rowan University Board of Trustees approved this mission statement. Please see the mission statement development webpage for more on the creation process.

Seeing is Believing

Experience Rowan. Rowan is the place to be with a vibrant community filled with many cultural, entertainment, arts, and athletic events open to the public. Visitors at Rowan have the chance to learn, be thrilled, and be amused, whether prospective students on tour, alums reminiscing, or members of the local community attending an event.

Are You Ready?

We are thrilled that you are thinking about attending Rowan University. You are joining the Rowan family in an excellent company with 82,000+ graduates and over 90 years of history. Moreover, your choice to apply to Rowan is brilliant because of the school’s simple application procedure, low tuition, excellent academic offerings, and active campus life.

Single Campus Six Locations Annual Programming

Rowan University is your best bet for internationally acclaimed music, dance, theater, and visual art programs in Southern New Jersey. The Rowan University Art Gallery, the College of Performing Arts, Communication & Creative Arts, and other institutions produce a full calendar of events. These events include recitals, theater productions, original choreography, literary readings, lectures, film screenings, and fine art exhibitions.

Our Purpose

Rowan University’s Student Health Services (SHS) aims to enable clients to make informed decisions about their health and empower students to be self-directed and knowledgeable health care consumers. This is done by removing health-related learning obstacles and promoting optimal wellness.

Whether you’re from or want to go, living in a university community will be full of chances, challenges, and choices. You might be shocked to learn that, no matter where you are—at Rowan or for the rest of your life—you can thrive by making health a way of life.

Everyone’s definition of well-being is unique, but generally, it refers to feeling good about yourself and your place in the world. It extends past the classroom and the workplace. It’s done on purpose. It promotes harmony.

Rowan Thrive is our community’s commitment to helping everyone improve their health throughout their lives, through ups and downs. The Rowan Thrive is a set of mindset, action, and behavior tools to help you build a life of purpose, resilience, and dedication. Rowan Thrive is made to support you in finding your best self, living out your principles, and reaching your full potential.

Always take your health insurance with you to appointments.

Appointments must be seen at Student Health Services (SHS)

Making appointments for the wrong reasons may lead to cancellation and rescheduling of your work. This is so that we may book you with a different physician or give you a longer appointment.

Students must cancel any appointment they cannot make before the scheduled time. Students who fail to attend their scheduled meeting will receive a $10 to $25 non-show fine.

Student Health Services does not provide justification notes. Therefore, meetings must not be made to obtain an excuse for the class.

Before their appointment, students under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign a consent to treatment form.

The wellness center periodically examines students’ drug usage and conducts depression screenings. Where necessary, information and educational resources are offered.

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