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All About VASA Fitness Joliet

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VASA Fitness Joliet – We bring the latest fitness trends that are inclusive and accessible to everyone! We are more than just a gym. We are a community passionate about uplifting others and helping people do their best.

VASA Fitness Joliet announced today that it had reached its 50th club by opening a new club at 1590 North Larkin Avenue in Joliet, Illinois, its second location in Illinois since opening in Villa Park last month. VASA Joliet is a new facility with over 60,000 square feet of premium fitness facilities, offering something for everyone under one roof.

The grand opening of VASA Joliet will take place on Saturday, February 12, at 8:00 a.m. Here, people can enter a lottery to win great VASA gear and other prizes, a new gym visit, and a one-year STUDIO membership. VASA Fitness Joliet is currently offering a special $0 pre-open registration for all memberships.

About VASA Fitness

VASA aims to make people healthier and happier through fitness. We know gyms can be intimidating, but you won’t find any stereotypes when you walk through our doors. We are the gym we all belong to. However, We commit to providing a helpful environment where people can try new things, meet new people, and build communities.

VASA is a high-end, low-cost fitness club that offers its members an incredible value proposition through a great, full-service club for as low as $9.99 per month. In addition, we offer a variety of group and boutique-style fitness classes, including premium equipment, exercise equipment, free weights, STUDIO RED (HIIT), and many other kits to help members customize their personal fitness plans.

The VASA Fitness Joliet Offers The Best Ways To Stay Motivated While Exercising.

1. Goal Setting

Here, the VASA Fitness Joliet guide explains how goal setting can help you identify what you want to achieve through exercise and how you can achieve it. It is essential to set both long-term and short-term goals. Jails of the long-term help you focus on the big picture, and short-term goals help break things down into more manageable steps.

2. Processing

Doing the same exercise every day can make you tired or bored, making it hard to pursue and quickly give up on your fitness goals. The VASA Fitness Joliet strives to keep your body and mind fit and active by incorporating different exercises into your daily routine.

3. Plan Ahead

Life is busy, and it cannot be easy to prioritize exercise with all your other responsibilities. When you know your VASA Fitness vest will have a busy week, consider planning shorter, more effective workouts that will save you time. It can be as easy as a short walk with your dog, a simple exercise at home after work, or a HIIT workout that maximizes time and output.

4. VASA Fitness Joliet, Finding a Responsible Partner

Exercising with a friend or a group fitness class can help you stay motivated and accountable. You’re expected to stick to your plan if your buddies believe you’ll be there!

5. Be Flexible

Sometimes, no matter how hard you plan, exercising can be impossible. VASA says, “Calm down and try again tomorrow.” Being strict with yourself for not achieving your goals can leave you frustrated and give up on your fitness goals altogether.

6. Register

Consider how exercise makes you feel by checking yourself regularly. Incorporate breathing and mindfulness exercises to help you learn body awareness. VASA takes a queue out of your body when you can push hard and when you need to pull back to rest.

7. Do What You Love

Doing an exercise you like will be much more successful than forcing yourself to do an activity you don’t like or isn’t suitable for your body. It’s always good to try new exercises because you can enjoy the unexpected. VASA will check out a few different classes to find the one that works best for you, and if you don’t like a particular style, jump straight to your preferred category.

8. Work With Experts

The VASA trainer is a great resource to help you stay focused and motivated. They’ll talk to you about your goals and help you create a proper plan for yourself and your unique needs. Your trainer will help you take responsibility and support you along the way. Meet a qualified trainer today!


VASA fitness Joliet welcomes members of all body types, sizes, and fitness levels. Our inclusive, non-judgmental climate has helped us expand into nearly 10 states and become one of the top 20 health club operators in the United States. VASA fitness Joliet provides its members with the equipment, classes, coaches, and resources they need to reach and achieve their goals wherever they are on their fitness journey.

VASA’s future growth strategy includes investing in new and existing clubs to bring the latest fitness products, such as the top-rated STUDIO programs, including STUDIO FLOW infrared yoga and STUDIO RED HIIT, to more regions. VASA recently announced plans to open a new facility in New Berlin, Wisconsin. Indianapolis, Indiana; Centennial, Colorado; Expansion of facilities in Lehi, Utah. And Saratoga Springs, Utah.


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