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Boxing is the Ultimate Workout

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Boxing practised from the point of view of fitness is triumphing among athletes of all generations.

It is a sport as complete as it is controversial. However, its competitive version is to lock two guys (or ‘girls’) in a ring and… well, you know. However, boxing has other records that derive from its complete training and the demanding process that boxers go through before fighting.

Ultimate 20-minute strength and conditioning workout for boxing

When boxers prepare for a competition, they practice for about 5 hours a day. It can be practised in various ways, but to be in the best shape, you must combine multiple exercises and techniques. Running and HIIT (high-intensity interval training), mittens and sparring, strength and conditioning, and boxing exercises are just a few options.
A boxer must have the stamina to go the distance. Running (roadwork) combined with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a standard aerobic workout for fighters. Road work is not the same as running for 5 miles at a steady pace. A boxer’s cardio training typically involves sprinting as fast as possible for a short period (intervals) or a short distance. This cardiovascular exercise helps the boxer’s conditioning, endurance, and speed. Many fighters do two or three interval training sessions a week. High-intensity interval training sessions are a perfect way to prepare for boxing since it is about quick bursts of powerful movements.

Main Benefits of Boxing for Women

Boxing for women helps you lose weight

Basic boxing training requires a lot of aerobic work. And that affects the decrease in body weight. With a fierce dedication to aerobic exercise, losing weight is the logical consequence. That is why boxing for women is often talked about as a fun way to lose weight healthily.

Boxing is both a sport and a self-defence discipline

Maybe you’re not thinking of getting into a fistfight with anyone. Usually, it is not the primary concern of those who decide to practice boxing. But being able to protect yourself in complicated situations is an added benefit worth evaluating.

Boxing for women improves your fitness

You may think that this is something that can be applied to more than one sport. And it is authentic boxing is not the only one. The practice of each sport improves some physical fitness parameters. But the benefits of boxing for women include several fitness improvements worth noting:

  • Improves endurance or “bottom”. Your cardiovascular capacity will improve ostensibly.
  • Defines the muscles. It helps you develop and tone the lower and upper body in a balanced way: limbs and trunk.
  • Improves agility. An essential skill in boxing for women will be helpful for other sports practices and other aspects of daily life.
  • Boxing for women strengthens you on a mental level. It makes you stronger. And not only on a physical level.

Boxing for women helps you gain wellness

For many women, the practice of boxing has meant a significant improvement in their self-esteem. And it has helped them feel good about setting and exceeding goals.
Channel aggressiveness. In addition, [boxing] helps combat stress. It helps to release tension and adrenaline.  And all this translates into a better mental balance as well as a more excellent state of well-being.

Does one thing boxing have that many other sports don’t?

Sergio has no doubts: “The hand-foot coordination . He doesn’t box with his hands, he boxes with his feet. And eye-hand coordination (eye-hand), projecting where you want to hit. All that is worked a lot in a session”. Martín Giacchetta, while confirming what his partner said (“you will work on a lot of qualities that are impossible to achieve with other forms of fitness and of course in the weight room”), defines the act of [boxing] as ” a kind of self-assurance dance, because I know where I hit and where I receive, which is a potent shot of self-esteem. On a day-to-day basis, when you meet people who box, you see that they are confident people who walk in a certain way through life.

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