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Hair Detox – Your Way To Beautiful & Healthy Hair

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Hair Detox – A lot helps a lot! Right? Unfortunately, no. Even if we love beauties with rich care, intensive hair treatments and natural power ingredients, they sometimes become a burden for our body, our skin and our hair. Over-treated hair becomes stringy or dries out and breaks off. Now for the good news: Your hair will give you an unmistakable signal when it needs a detox. And your body is a natural recovery machine. It will repair if you give your mane some rest, patience, and a break.

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Just as fasting can be a healthy reset method for the body, the hair regains its natural shine and strength after the detox. An intact scalp is crucial. This is where the hair root gets its nutrients. New hair grows here. Here you can significantly influence your hair health. We will show you how the hair detoxification treatment works, how you can get your hair and scalp deeply cleaned without any chemicals and how you can nourish your scalp from the outside and inside.

On Top, We Give 5 Tips For Healthy, Beautiful Hair.

You can look forward to the following information:

  • When it comes to caring, less is more: Hair Detox works wonders for dry and stringy hair.
  • Various home remedies, such as baking powder and vinegar, are particularly suitable for detox!
  • Be sure to avoid silicone and harmful substances.
  • Integrate a scalp massage into your routine every time you wash your hair.
  • The detox wash begins with a thorough brushing of the hair and ends with a thorough rinse.
  • Dry your hair very gently.
  • Essential for hair detox: moisture!
  • With Hairfood, you can create the optimal basis for an intact scalp.
  • Find products that suit you and your hair structure!
  • Even healthy hair needs styling breaks.

Detox For The Hair – Various Options With Home Remedies

Would you go to bed at night without removing your makeup? Even! Just as we clean our facial skin of make-up in the evening and care residues in the morning, our hair and scalp must also be cleaned regularly. While washing your hair removes dirt and sebum, you also style it afterwards, using conditioners, oils and masks. All the leave-in care and styling products accumulate over time on the hair, especially on the scalp. The result: flat roots, brittle and lacklustre lengths and dry, fringed ends. It’s detox o’clock! Like purifying and detoxifying the body, you first have to eliminate all harmful pollutants and boost the body’s regeneration functions. The first step is intensive cleaning.

With These Clever Home Remedies, You Can Get Your Hair Deep Clean Again.

Baking Soda Detox: Here’s how

Mix a teaspoonful of baking soda with a dollop of shampoo to form a paste. Then use it to exfoliate the hairline. The hair should already be wet for this. After that, you can wash your hair as usual. The fine-grained powder acts like a mechanical peeling. It removes small skin flakes from the scalp and dissolves sebum, protection and care residues. Be sure to rinse out the paste and dirt thoroughly.

2. Vinegar Hair Detox:

Mix two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with one cup of water. In addition to apple cider vinegar, balsamic vinegar, herbal vinegar, lemon juice, or citric acid are also suitable for sour rinse. After washing your hair, rinse your hair from roots to ends with an acidic conditioner. You don’t have to rinse them anymore. It helps the scalp to bring the pH value back into balance and rebuilds the hair’s cuticle layer. A closed cuticle layer means shiny hair on the one hand, but above all, better protection for the hair structure. It is less vulnerable to environmental influences and loses less moisture

3. Oil-tox: How to detox with oil

Tea tree oil is antiseptic, antibacterial and kills fungus. While oil in the hairline doesn’t exactly feel like a detox, it’s very cleansing. And also so uncomplicated: Simply enrich your shampoo portions with two or three drops of tea tree oil and lather your hair thoroughly. Leave the mix on for a few minutes, and then rinse thoroughly.

And these home remedies are natural power treatments for your hair:

1. Olive Oil Hair Treatment

Above all, olive oil is a supernatural moisturizer for the hair. Gently heat about two tablespoons (one is enough for short hair) of oil; it should only be lukewarm, and massage your scalp. You can then distribute the oil residue thoroughly in lengths. Take about twenty minutes to allow the oil to soak in and take effect. After that, your hair is well cared for, and the cuticle layer is in place and retains moisture. Now you can wash them with shampoo.

2. DIY with egg

A hair mask with eggs provides your mane with a lot of protein. The protein treatment strengthens the hair, prevents split ends and makes it shine again. You can massage a raw egg directly into the scalp; after all, grandma used this beauty trick. Or you mix the egg with some conditioner makes the mass feel a little more pleasant and easier to rinse. After that, wash your hair as usual.

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