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Ways To Make Your Health A Priority

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Health A Priority – Now more than ever, we highlight the importance of a  healthy diet that allows us to stay healthy and more robust in times of viruses and uncertainty.

Acquiring healthy lifestyle habits such as good nutrition, physical exercise, drinking plenty of water and working on a positive attitude is undoubtedly one of the best preventions we can practice, and we will not get tired of saying it.

According to the current healthy eating pyramid, fruits, vegetables, and greens play a significant role in our daily diet. Like these, foods of plant origin occupy the highest link: legumes, nuts, potatoes, olive oil and foods made with cereals, such as bread or pasta.

Scientifically, all these products benefit our health,  since they are vegetables or come from them.

At Bio Procam, we grow, pack and market our fruits and vegetables in organic farming, fully respecting sustainable development and using clean energy to being Health a Priority.

Nutritious foods that stay fresh for a week or more.

Bread: corn tortillas, whole grain English muffins, bagels, bread, wraps, frozen entire wheat waffles Grains: instant oatmeal, quick cook pasta, frozen brown rice, couscous, refrigerated pizza crust

Fruits: hardy fresh fruit (apples, citrus), dried, frozen, canned in juice or water Vegetables: hearty fresh vegetables (celery, broccoli, onions, potatoes), fixed, low-sodium canned, sun-dried

Sauces: tomato and pasta sauce, sauce Soups and broths: canned, frozen and shelf-stable cartons 100%

Juice: chilled, frozen, canned, boxed Milk: fresh, canned, shelf-stable packs

Eggs: fresh eggs, egg whites in cartons

Cheese: grated, cubed, shredded, crumbled, and grated hard cheese Beans/Legumes: canned beans (black beans, garbanzo beans), dried beans

Nuts and seeds: bagged, canned, nut butter Frozen or canned chicken

Seafood: ready-to-cook frozen fish fillets, frozen shrimp, canned tuna, salmon, and sardines.

Beef: previously made frozen lean burgers or meatballs

Flavourings: Add zing with dried herbs and spices, vinegar, mustard, hot/steak sauces, lemon/lime juice, light dressings, honey, Greek yoghurt

Make eating together at home a positive experience

Whether homemade or takeout, eating more at home is a new routine for many families. Keep stress low by making mealtime fun.

Involve the Family

Children can help set the table, pour the water, prepare the salad or grate the cheese. Make mealtimes a family affair.

Try Some New Recipes

If you’ve never made homemade pizza, roasted a whole chicken, or cooked-from-scratch meatballs, now is a great time to try! There are many great recipes on the internet! Look for those that require just a few ingredients and use standard kitchen tools.

Reconnect with Family:

Eat together at the table, spread a blanket on the floor, and have an indoor picnic. Be sure to separate mealtime and TV time: watching while you eat makes it all too easy to pay attention to the TV and not the food, so you’re likely to overeat. Wondering what to talk about at mealtime? Talk about things to do this summer, crack jokes, and just keep the conversation upbeat and fun.


The World Health Day commemorated today, Health A Priority April 7, will have a different celebration. The world fights to preserve its health against a common enemy whose dimension we still do not know. However, focusing on healthy life and good nutrition will continue to be imperative in our society.

The  World Health Organization  (WHO) has designated 2020 the  International Year of the Nurse and Midwife. World Health Day will highlight these professionals’ fundamental role in providing health services. Around the world, and to appeal to strengthen it.

One of the objectives of this day, established by the WHO, is “to generate a current public recognition of the work carried out by nursing and midwifery personnel and the role they play in the provision of health services”.

And it is curious because we are right now recognizing every day the work of all the health personnel at the forefront of this pandemic and who, against all odds, do everything possible and impossible to take care of and heal us.

And it’s not just them who are at the foot of the canyon. There are other groups whose daily effort makes it possible for us to have food in our homes, medicine if needed, and security to comply with the regulations that will help alleviate this situation.

Health A Priority – Recognition

Specifically,  at Bio Procam, we focus on our farmers and the team that works at the production plant. Without them, we would not be able to offer our products to the hundreds of supermarkets that receive them and make them available to the final consumer. Likewise, without them, we would not be able to have our online store open with organic vegetables and subtropical products to send directly to homes, where we now have to be.

The field does not stop.  Farmers and ranchers collect their production every day. The food sector is a fundamental pillar in times of crisis, where staying confined and unable to leave restricts our freedom which is somehow alleviated by the food supply that small and large companies offer. Having a full fridge is, psychologically, a relief. And if in that fridge we have healthy foods of plant origin from our fields and crops, the guarantee of maintaining specific physical and mental health is latent.

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