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All to Know About Ortega Wellness

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Ortega Wellness – Our team works hard to provide family health services encouraging healthy lifestyles for our community members. We specialize in comprehensive and holistic approaches and integrative care. We want to promote a healthy lifestyle by minimizing the use of medications as needed. Although, We will provide the best healthcare that suits you and your cultural beliefs. Although, We will promote health and wellness practices that lead to a more fulfilling lifestyle. We have been in business for over 5 years and look forward to helping you achieve your health goals.

About Monica Ortega Wellness, CFNP

Care Comes First – He opened Ortega Wellness to dedicate the practice to his parents. Monica received her PhD in Nursing, among other degrees and certifications. Over the past 10 years, Monica has become a strong and independent businesswoman. She is always up and ready for new challenges.


Melissa has been a nurse for over 14 years and has spent most of her career in the surgical/trauma intensive care unit at UNMH. He then moved into management positions. He is currently the Commercial Director of Ortega Wellness.

Nurse Practice


Martin has been FNP for over a year and excels in this area! Hence, Martin worked as a nurse for four years in progressive care. She then chose a career as a family nurse, which allowed her to be fully involved in the full spectrum of patient care!


Aaron Lesser is our new office provider. She completed her PhD in Nursing/Family Nursing in August 2020. She has an extensive healthcare career, including Trauma Surgery, Intensive Care Unit, Behavioral Health and Clinical Instructor.


Raoul has 26 years of experience in the medical field, beginning with military service as a medic in the US Army, which led to his 22-year nursing career. For the past six years, he has been practising as a Family Nurse Practitioner in emergency medicine and primary health care.

Team – Know each other

Adrian Kester – Physician Assistant

Isabel Martinez – certified paramedic

Diana Gallegos – certified paramedic

Rosa Garcia – Physician Assistant

Resources For Patients

Before you visit your doctor at Ortega Wellness, complete the required paperwork on the Patient Resources page.

Our practice encourages patients to read evidence-based guidelines to understand our methods better.

Ortega Wellness works with various health insurance providers to provide you with the best, most affordable health care.

To all our valued patients, please use the CDC link as a resource for making informed decisions about applying for a COVID-19 vaccine exemption. Ortega Wellness strongly recommends that all of our patients be vaccinated unless they have had a severe anaphylactic reaction to the vaccine requiring an adrenaline pen or hospitalization.

Choose with your doctor to discuss the importance of the vaccine.

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Ortega Wellness, LLC is a medical group with 2 medical practitioners’ offices in Albuquerque, New Mexico. There are 5 health care providers specializing in Nurse Practitioners who are members of the Medical Group. Medical taxonomies covered by Ortega Wellness, LLC include Nurse Practitioner, Family, and Primary Care.

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