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Planet Fitness Oakland – About, Membership, and More

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Planet Fitness Oakland Information

Planet Fitness Oakland  – Oakland customers may find parking nearby. So, if you’re feeling sluggish or weighed down, know that Planet fitness Oakland  – Oakland is here to benefit you achieve all of your fitness objectives.

Find training that works for you at Planet fitness Oakland. Fitness is a challenging path, so make it simpler by looking into the personal training options available here.

Planet fitness Oakland  – Oakland is the ideal place to put your strength, endurance, and drive to the test. This gym welcomes you to try one of their dynamic personal trainers today, which are reasonably priced and more than worth the outcomes.

About Planet Fitness

At Planet fitness Oakland, we’re here to provide a unique environment where everyone can feel comfortable. A variety of critical areas to build an active and sustainable lifestyle. Our products are tools, and a means to an end. It’s a tool anyone can use, not just a brand or a mold-maker. In the end, it all depends on you. As we educate and evolve, we will strive to perfect this safe and vibrant environment where everyone feels appreciated and respected. We’re not here to kiss your ass; we’re here to kick your ass only when you need it.

We create a friendly training atmosphere for everyone, whether you are new to planet fitness Oakland gym or a seasoned member. Whatever you’re looking for at the gym, there are membership options. All Planet fitness Oakland members have unlimited access to their home club and are supported by friendly and knowledgeable staff whenever they need it. In addition, planet fitness Oakland  Black Card followers receive additional benefits, including free guest pick-up and access to one of 2,300 Planet fitness Oakland locations.

Are you looking for advice or inspiration to help you reach your fitness goals? Planet fitness Oakland members can take advantage of free fitness training or read about real member experiences on Planet of Triumphs to find motivation.

Our goal is to deliver all who visit us with all the necessary equipment, amenities, support, and a clean, safe, and welcoming environment.

Membership at Planet Fitness Oakland

Choose the gym membership that’s right for you.

Become a Planet fitness Oakland gym membership and join the impeccably clean and spacious club! We offer Classic Membership and Planet fitness Oakland  Black Card Membership. Both have access to our Judgment Free Zone and tons of aerobic and strength training equipment.

Although you do not want to see your membership canceled, the cancellation process may vary from club to club, so the best way to start the cancellation process is to contact your club and check their membership policy. In most regions, cancellations can be made by writing to the home club requesting cancellation or visiting the home club in person. If you have further doubts, please get in touch with Member Services. Member Services is open from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST. They will reply to your request as soon as possible.

You can transfer your membership online with a few clicks (Planet fitness Oakland keyring number required). A few things to consider before moving: You must be a site member for at least 90 days, have a monthly (not annual or prepaid) subscription and have no outstanding dues or current club fees.

Free Fitness Training

With PE@PF, a certified fitness trainer will guide you around the gym and show you a diversity of cardio and strength training equipment. Gym trainers also run a variety of small group workouts and can design workout programs to help you spread your goals and get the most out of your activities.

We offer PE@PF, a series of personalized fitness workouts led by certified fitness instructors designed to help members become familiar with the equipment and develop an individual workout plan at their rhythm. PE@PF sessions are held in small groups, free to members, and offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Equip Yourself

Please wear appropriate exercise equipment and wash in the shower in the locker room. But don’t disremember to bring your towels, shampoo, and soap from home.

Unless you’re actively training, be sure to wear a mask when moving around the club, as clubs have different requirements depending on where you are.

Do Exercise

Don’t know where to start? For hundreds of tutorials on gear for use in your club, head to the PF app or ask any of our approachable team members to help you get started.

Learn More About the Mobile App Benefits

Our app has more fitness features and workouts with the PF trainer.

With constantly new exclusive content, more premium workouts from celebrity trainers like Erica Lugo, and more premium workouts from iFit, you’ll never get bored with the PF app.

And you can save all your workouts to track your progress!

Friends can sign up for a $1 discount! Just make a recommendation through the Planet fitness oakland  app!

Here’s how it works:

  • Open the Planet fitness oakland
  • Click “Recommend a Friend” in the bottom navigation bar.
  • Share your code with your future workout buddies
  • That’s it! Very simple.

Contact Your Home Club

Each club is a private franchise, so your home club is the best place to get help with your questions and concerns. Call or stop by your home club location and speak to a receptionist who will be happy to help.

If your home club is open, your best source for billing or membership information is to contact them directly. If your local club is closed, please get in touch with Member Services. Member Services is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST. They will reply to your request as soon as possible.

Our task is to improve people’s lives and create a healthier world.

As one of the fastest-growing and most significant fitness franchises and operators with more members than any other fitness brand, we are responsible for improving the health of the communities in which we live, work, and train.

Our PF objectives strategy guides investment in three areas that we believe are fundamentally interconnected.

Physical Health

We are breaking down the barriers of threat and affordability so that fitness is accessible to everyone.

Emotional Health

Our inclusive, participatory and non-judgmental culture enables our members and team members to build a sustainable and active lifestyle.

Earth Health

We commit to responsible business practices and recognize the inseparable link between human health and the planet’s health.

Planet Fitness Oakland  Workout Series

Want to stay on the move from home or join a new club? There is a workout for you! The Planet fitness Oakland app gives you access to exclusive workout series powered by iFit. You’ll find a fun and motivating series led by the best trainers in the industry.

  • Beginner cardio series and intermediate cardio series
  • Beginner Strength Series and Intermediate Strength Series
  • Beginner Dumbbell Set and Intermediate Dumbbell Set

And more!

Designed for beginners and intermediates – there is a series for everyone! As you progress through each set, the workout will become more complex and fun!

The Bottom Line


Through PF Purpose, an enterprise-wide environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategy, we aim to improve people’s lives and create a healthier world by focusing on three key issues: health, physical, emotional, and global health.


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