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Some of the Weird Wellness Fitness Trends

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Wellness Fitness Trends – Today there is a wide variety of sports that allow you to obtain all the benefits of physical activity. Go to canalSALUD and discover the trends.


Bollywood is probably better known as films featuring it have proliferated in recent years. Hindu dancers appear moving their colourful clothes and bodies to the rhythm of very rhythmic music. Specifically, it is a not particularly active rhythmic dance that keeps the body tense without going from one side to the other. Like any dance or exercise from the East, there is a physical part but also a mental part. According to the most experienced dancers, an incredible connection between body and mind is achieved which leads to a state of continuous inner peace.

The benefits are achieved by making muscle movements but without stopping to move so that the heart is constantly active. It is the perfect way to get started in physical activities that require a certain capacity for movement but without being demanding in terms of initial physical form.


Zumba is a new type of sport. The word comes from Colombia and means to move fast and have fun. The base is in Latin music that when dancing allows generating a routine of intense cardiovascular exercise and toning exercises to achieve a definition of the silhouette. In this way, it combines resistance training with interval training (high cardiovascular intensity followed by a decrease in that same intensity with a reduction in heart rate). This combined routine increases caloric intake by burning calories and toning muscles. The type of dance is a mix between merengue, salsa, reggaeton, mambo, rumba and some more.

It is a modality that requires a minimum of depth, so at first, it may be difficult to reach a level that allows you to follow an entire class, but, once achieved, the body undergoes great changes both in terms of weight and appearance.

Pole Dancing

Pole dancing mixes dance and gymnastics. There are those who have certain reservations about practising this type of physical activity since it reminds the “strippers” of a strip club but it is not like that. It is a very healthy exercise that involves the “sensual” part of the technique that attracts men and women so much.

With regard to physical health, pole dance provides a clear benefit in terms of flexibility, strength, endurance and cardiovascular improvement. The exercises that are practised require strong muscles at a global level. The muscles of the trunk, legs and arms are worked. With a vertical bar, an improvement in flexibility is sought that will provide muscular benefits, avoiding possible injuries or problems due to muscular weakness. Cardiovascular work is not only aerobic but also anaerobic, since it seeks an improvement in resistance level.

Training Camp

The Training camp or Boot camp is a discipline based on the routines used in military training. These routines can be practised in sports centres but there are those that take place outdoors, like “military manoeuvres”. They are programs designed to demand the maximum of each individual at a physical level. Its premise would be “maximum demand, maximum benefits”.

Broadly speaking, it seeks a global and complete improvement on a physical and mental level since cohesion and teamwork are part of the motivation. During a session, you can run, jump, do sit-ups and push-ups, do strength exercises and even fight in pairs. All these activities are carried out at a progressive speed to improve agility and through circuits with different levels of difficulty to train progressively.

It is a very complete activity that requires physical and mental capacity and whoever gets “hooked” says that any other activity may seem boring.

Aqua Jogging

Aqua jogging combines running and water. It is about running in the water, either in a pool or in the sea. It is evident that it is not about running kilometres and kilometres and managing to reduce time, but it is about running. The technique varies because you don’t step on it with shoes and you can’t move as you would on land. The stride in this case should be short and fast to intensify the routine. It has been proven that the heart rate is up to 10% lower in the water than when running out of it.

In general, “aqua jogging” is practised by injured athletes as a form of “cross training” which is nothing more than being able to continue training after an injury but carrying out the activity in another medium, in this case aquatic, which allows them to follow the activity without affecting the injured area. The water offers resistance so it consists of running against it in order to strengthen the muscles and gain power from the cardiac system.

The necessary material is a belt, generally made of EVA (neoprene), as a float that allows a certain level of flotation to be able to imitate the technique of the race.

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Active Breaks In Wellness Companies

More and more companies integrate exercise into their teams. It is the increasingly entrenched trend in favour of promoting the well-being of workers and the union of the workforce. Although before the possibility of providing a space within the company for the development of functional training such as yoga or pilates, the evolution of the sector has reached new wellness routines, such as active breaks. At Reto48, where they are already getting used to introducing new sports modalities within companies, they explain that this new trend consists of breaking the work routine with a series of exercises simple aimed at improving mood, and concentration and relieving discomfort arising from the work activity itself. During breaks of 40 to 50 minutes, mobility and balance are worked on through active stretching, as well as breathing work, full-body stretching and balance in postures. Although it is not the only corporate option: there are also routes for runnersteam-building activities, experiences for managers or nutrition sessions (online or face-to-face).

What You Should Know

  • Currently, there is a multiplicity of sports that allow you to start the body and obtain benefits.
  • The fashionable sports are Zumba, pole dancing, training camp or boot camp, Bollywood and aqua jogging.
  • They are complex sports trends since they require both physical and mental capacity.

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