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Pure Enjoyment: 5 Tips For The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

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Cup Of Coffee is not just coffee! Whether the popular pick-me-up tastes good or not depends on several factors. We have compiled the essential points for you.

Coffee is an integral part of everyday life for many Austrians, whether in the morning, after the lunch break or during the afternoon gossip. The popular hot drink has long since not only served as a pick-me-up but is also a luxury for many.

But who doesn’t know it? The drink at home just doesn’t work as well as in your favourite café. That’s over now: we’ll give you five simple tips on how you too can make the perfect cup of coffee.

1. Filter the Water

Coffee consists of around 98% water. The quality is correspondingly important because residues in the water significantly affect the taste. If the water was filtered before pouring, the enjoyment of the coffee increased many times over. Especially households with hard water will quickly taste the difference. Appropriate filters can be found in any ordinary speciality store. For those who prefer it more comfortable: Modern machines usually have an integrated filter and thus ensure the best quality at all times.

2. The Bean Makes The Coffee

Not only the water affects the taste, but also the beans. Freshness plays an important role here because we know that the pick-me-up can only develop its full flavours if it is freshly ground. When buying, it is best to use whole beans and only grind them before preparing the coffee. Fully automatic machines, such as the  Z10 from Jura, always grind the beans fresh and you can also easily adjust the degree of grinding to suit individual preferences. Mild or rather strong? With just a drive of a button, you get the coffee you prefer.

3. Warm Up Your Cup

Sounds strange, but it’s like this: If you warm up your mug before drinking, you can look forward to more aroma afterwards. In this way, the pick-me-up does not develop as many bitter substances when poured. How do you best implement this? Very simple: First, fill your cup with hot water, empty it, and pour the hot drink into the preheated mug. You will see – the coffee tastes much better.

Our tip: If you don’t want to waste water unnecessarily, but don’t want to do without a warm mug, you can also use practical cup warmers.

4. Pay Attention To Cleanliness

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a capsule machine, a fully automatic machine or an espresso maker: cleanliness is the be-all and end-all when preparing the popular hot drink. Limescale residues or old coffee grounds are an absolute no-go. So always clean your equipment thoroughly and, as the owner, regularly use the appropriate cleaning programs in a coffee machine. Choosing the right or original care products also plays an important role in not damaging your machine or adversely affecting the taste.

5. Always Prepare Your Coffee Freshly

Coffee tastes best not only freshly ground but also freshly brewed. Ideally, you should always drink the hot drink immediately after it has been prepared because the stimulant loses its taste as it cools down. Also, avoid reheating or pouring fresh coffee. The drink then contains more acid and can become inedible.

Our tip: Do you prefer your coffee cold? While the coffee powder has to steep in cold water for several hours when it is originally made, with the Z10 you can enjoy a cold brew at the push of a button and in just a few seconds. Thanks to advanced technology, you can now enjoy a few cold brew specialities with the coffee machine without compromising on the aroma.

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