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Top Cosmetics For A Beach Holiday

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Cosmetics For Beach – In summer, you must care more for your skin and hair than ever. For this reason, in addition to taking care of our vacation suitcase by wearing the latest fashion trends, it is also a good idea to keep an eye on what’s new in the beauty world because companies are launching increasingly exciting products in this regard. Are you sure you have everything you need in your bag?

Cosmetics For Beach can help you prepare that little essential baggage to take care of your skin when you are tanning and your hair from sun exposure, chlorine, etc., but also to look and feel beautiful with makeup that is suitable for the temperatures during these moments of rest and fun. What kind of products can’t you forget?

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Protect the Skin

  • Makeup remover or Cleanser: It is essential to go with clean skin. But experts always recommend limiting its use to exceptional moments and opting for a cleansing milk. If we have not had the time or we have not been able to remove makeup well before using the protective cream, use some wipes, comfortable to transport and quick to use.
  • Protective cream for the body. Eucerin Photoaging Control has the antiaging technology of face creams. It has been incorporated into this body cream, reducing photoaging caused by UV light and high-energy visible light (HEVL) on the décolletage, neck and arms. In addition to its broad-spectrum filter system, it contains glycyrrhetinic acid, which protects DNA and strengthens the skin’s repair mechanisms.
  • In the same way, we will need a specific protective cream for the face: one of Vichy’s novelties is the tan-optimizing fluid gel from the Idéal Soleil Bronze range. Its photoprotective formula provides hydration, freshness, and a fast and luminous tan.
  • Suppose you are one of the impatient ones. Do not hesitate to use a  tanning accelerator oil like  Lancaster’s that includes an innovative infrared technology to better protect the skin, with UVB and UVA filters and a tanning activator. They recommend its use before sun exposure and repeatedly after bathing.
  • Essential for all the lip balm with protection. Some even have colour.

Summer Makeup

  • Experts recommend a long ritual that begins with moisturizing cream, then protective and waterproof makeup.
  • You can opt for a CC Cream or BB Cream to lighten the processes in summer when you don’t have time for anything. But you may also know lines like Perricone MD’s NoMakeup.
  • For the most flirtatious,  waterproof mascara is another essential product.

Protect the Hair

  • Sometimes we forget that hair also needs to be protected from the sun. One option is to bet on Klorane’s Ylang-Ylang Protective Oil. This oil, enriched with UVA and UVB filters, allows multi-protection against UV damage, salt, sand and chlorine. It deeply nourishes the hair, leaves it soft, supple and shiny, and protects its colour. Ideal for natural hair, with paint or with photo-exposed highlights.
  • Other needs: do not forget a comb, a hat or headband, a small mirror and sunglasses.

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