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Ways To Support Your Visually Impaired Children

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Visually Impaired Children – In the world of early childhood, we find toys of all kinds and for all tastes. However, when it comes to visually impaired children, the choice of games and toys is greatly reduced. And in most cases, we don’t know what kind of tool is going to be useful to you. Discover the solutions proposed by Hop’Toys to stimulate the visually impaired baby.

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Stimulate the Sense of Touch

Stuffed animals are the companions of babies, however, not all of them are adapted. Discover our suggestions, created especially for babies with exceptional and adapted textures.

Larry Long Ears Soft Toy: A real soft toy that is extremely soft and tactile. We love the contact of its 6mm balls on the skin that provides a pleasant emotional and physical sensation. Thanks to its knots, you can easily grab it or hang it to prevent it from getting lost. Your child will love petting him while he falls asleep. We propose beige and blue, soft colours to avoid overstimulation at bedtime.

Octopus Sensory Soft Toy: This octopus-shaped soft toy stimulates the senses and at the same time develops the fine motor skills of the little ones. Babies will love running their fingers through its coiled tentacles. This sensory toy has been studied to calm the nervous system of little ones. Size: 30cm. Machine washable at 40º. 2 colours available. From 18 months.

Have Fun with Textures

One of our unconditional solutions is balls. Precisely, these that we show you have peaked, neither too hard nor too soft to be able to work on sensory exploration at the level of the hands. The Rollers are also sound, each one different.

Set of 4 hedgehog balls: 4 pretty hedgehog balls with very pleasant textures. These balls are effective in developing tactile stimulation. They can be used for massages. Little ones will love catching them to nibble on.

Sensory roller balls x 3: Each of these balls features a unique design, mesmerizing and fascinating to stimulate the imagination. The chimes hidden inside will captivate your ears when they roll

Luminous Games

They are objects that gently stimulate the sight of people with disabilities, to be used in the dark for greater contrast. Each of these objects can also be used as reinforcers and thus give rhythm to the baby’s cycles.

Crystal Sphere: A beautiful luminous sphere with subtle changes in colour and speed. Provides calm and relaxation, ideal in a multisensory environment.

Light Spinner Stick: The end of this light stick has a “spinner” shaped head with flexible paddles that rotate and light up in assorted colours. The viewpoint of the light head is adjustable.

Discover the Sounds

We discover the different sounds through the rattles and continue with the eggs to identify the pairs with the same sound.

Pikikot Rattle: A great rattle that can be used as a spinning top. Shaped like an oval chick, it transforms into maracas when you shake it. It is in wood and plastic.

Sound Egg x 6: A magnificent set of 6 eggs containing 3 pairs with identical sounds. Highly tactile and engaging, these eggs are a simple and enjoyable way to rapidly acquire auditory discrimination skills.

Multisensory Solutions

We end with two new solutions that will awaken several senses. First of all, this foam, which is applied to the skin, with magical effects. And there are bunnies that produce beautiful light and even make music according to your tastes. It is an ideal companion to fall asleep or give rhythm to the day.

Multi-sensory gel:  A unique multi-sensory experience! This gel will not leave you indifferent. Feel, listen, look and breathe its “magical” foam on your skin. A good way to create contact and arouse reactions! 300 ml bottle. Available fragrances: fresh, neutral, sweet, tropical.

Honey bunny:  This cute, high-tech rabbit sings, tells stories, and records voices. If you want to listen to new stories and melodies, you can add them! Rechargeable battery with a mobile phone charger. USB cable included. Dim. about 23 cm. From birth

Discover all the Hop’Toys tools and games adapted to visually impaired babies. You will find numerous ideas to accompany the little ones’ Visually Impaired Children and create multi-sensory spaces.

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