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What are Jennifer Lopez 5 Beauty Tips

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Jennifer Lopez 5 Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips – Yes, there is someone who can give us lessons on how to look impressive regardless of the passing of the years, and that is Jennifer Lopez. And how could she not be this way? If as the years go by, she looks younger and completely renewed. But beyond blessed genetics, the reality is that the singer owes her inspiring appearance to her disciplined and well-defined daily routine. No matter what happens, she fulfils religiously, obtaining surprising and desirable results.

And suppose you were wondering what those “miraculous” steps she puts into practice are.

In that case, we anticipate that they are 5 habits that have already become the legitimate commandments of beauty routines:

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Eat a Healthy Diet

Once Tracy Anderson, JLo’s personal trainer (and other artists such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Salma Hayek ) revealed this aspect as the singer’s key point to show off an impact figure and a skin that takes years away from her appearance.

A diet rich in fresh, organic foods, as well as completely limiting processed foods and caffeine, is what Jennifer follows religiously. Colourful salads with lots of vegetables, lean proteins (especially salmon, which is her favourite) and whole grains are the foods that make up her daily diet.

Sleep Well

Sleeping 8 hours a day is a must in J.Lo’s routine, as she is aware that doing so gives her more energy for her daily activities, in addition to the fact that good, restful sleep is capable of returning many years of gain to her face.

Has an Established Exercise Routine

In an interview with Us Weekly, the singer stated that her favourite time to exercise is in the morning to avoid that as a result of her daily routine, it would be difficult for her to do it later. Her favourite exercises include strength exercises that she does three to four times a week, which help her tone up, a mix of cardio programs that target specific places on her body, and of course,! A good dance session!

Take Care of your Skin

Although Jennifer once assured in an interview for People magazine that there is no magic cream to be beautiful and that the real trick to taking care of the skin lies in drinking plenty of water, sleeping well and protecting the face from the sun; neither is she reluctant to invest in good creams and cosmetics. In the book “About Face” by makeup artist Scott Barne, the singer reveals that among her favourite products is Dr Hauschka’s rose cream which contains extracts of wild roses and avocado, as well as Själ’s Saphir aquamarine facial oil. Concentrate, a secret confessed by her makeup artist Mary Phillips.

Believe in the Power of the Mind

Beauty Tips – Positive thoughts will always lead to a calmer, more relaxed, happy and successful life. For J.Lo, the affirmations we make daily through our thoughts are the most important thing, and what makes us achieve what we want, so following this line of thought, we can only say, “Think of yourself as young and beautiful, and you will achieve it.”

On the other hand, a good meditation session, a walk in the fresh air, and a good relaxing session;  are just some of the many activities the singer puts into practice that promote a balanced mind and thought.

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